Caviar & Cucumber

Another simple and elegant way to serve caviar is on a cucumber. The different textures is a delight! This is also perfect summer appetizer.


Optional garnishes:

  • Edible decorations such as dill, chives, chopped parsley, or quartered cherry tomatoes


The caviar should be in its original container over a bed of crushed ice and should be served using a Mother-Of-Pearl Spoon so as not to affect the flavor.

Slice the cucumbers into circles. Place a small dollop of Vermont Creamery Créme Fraîche or sour cream on a cucumber circle. Garnish with dill or chopped chives and top it with a small serving of caviar. Remember, a lot goes a long way.

Wash down with chilled vodka or dry champagne to cleanse the palate.

Drink responsibly.